I’ve been working on portraits again this weekend. What’s better than a pool table? Nothing!

To tie in with my new Depth of Field video on YouTube, I also did some shooting on and around my pool table. Why? Because a pool table is great for illustrating depth of field effects. It’s really a perfect platform for working with narrow depth of field. It is very easy on the table to see what is in focus and what isn’t.

I also went a little crazy with the optikVerve filters, using “60’s magazine” with some modification, also “Smoke” and a few others. Normally, I give you just the straight images on here. But, in the real world, everyone uses Photoshop… so why not?

Here’s a straight example of depth of field differences in two nearly identical shots (except for the focal point with a narrow depth of field). Left-hand image is focused on my eyes. Right-hand image on the billiard balls. Composition is identical… but the two images have a completely different theme. (Nikon D2x, 17-55mm DX)

OK, no Depth of Field change in this one, BUT left side is camera image. Right side is with “60’s Magazine” filter, adjusted for exposure… I’m loving the “vintage” look on the right.

Here’s another dramatic example of Depth of Field… BEER!

Not Satisfied?????

Here are some samples from the VIP Gallery!!!

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