I did 5 or 6 outfits in the studio today!!! It was a great shoot and I’ll be podcasting about it tonight at http://radio.snapchick.com, so stay tuned. The photographer and I will talk about the shoot step by step, both from the technical perspective and how we planned and executed.

Update: Podcast is here

Technical side –

Nikon D2x, my favorite studio camera.

ISO 100 – base ISO for the D2x. Very clean.

f5 (some f5.6)

1/160 sec

ONE Alien Bees B800 strobe with shoot through umbrella at 25% power, positioned about 45 degrees to the left. A second one ready to go for fill on a handful of shots.

Two Nikon SB-800’s with home-made reflectors for background lighting. 1/4 power on each.

NO Photoshop for this gallery

One brown long-hair wig.

One shot of tequila.

One sample photo…

104 photos for the VIP’s… Remember, they’re all Hot Off the Camera – No Photoshop at all, so be nice!! 😉

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