I reached out on Facebook to my readers for some ideas for tonight’s shoot. I received some great ideas and decided to incorporate several of them into a single shoot.

Obligatory YouTube setup video…

Then… the shoot began. First, I messed around with the soccer ball for a few dozen shots. It was fun… and I tried a ton of different poses in my makeshift “soccer uniform.” I am happy with the results. I used a single strobe to the right side of the frame. Alien Bees B800 at about 1/3rd power. Camera set around f4 for all of the shots. Here are a couple of samples.

For my next trick, I set the camera on a tripod and had a friend “paint” me with the flashlight you can see in the video. The results were pretty cool, as we could illuminate me in ways that you cannot do with a static light source. It was a fun technique and I will try it again soon. There is plenty more to experiment with. Camera set at f2.8, ISO 400, shutter speeds ranging from 4 to 8 seconds. Pre-set focus with a light on. Then turned the light off, triggered the camera, and then selectively illuminated with the flashlight.

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