Every once in awhile, I enjoy the simplicity of point and shoot cameras. It’s almost a guilty pleasure to set my Powershot G7 on “Auto” mode and fire away at anything that comes my way. It’s relaxing to let the camera figure out what to do… sure it’s wrong much of the time (compared to what I wanted) and it’s quirky – why does face recognition sometimes work? and not other times? Why is it focusing on that far off object? Why is it playing a jingle?
When I have a DSLR in my hand, I always feel pressure. I’m not talking about when I’m getting paid – just when I’m walking around with a DSLR, I’m constantly thinking… do I have the focus mode right? Did I leave the saturation too high? Shoot, I have the White Balance set wrong. The point and shoot is going to get these things wrong… but it wasn’t my fault! And sometimes the photos look alright!

How about you? Do you have a DSLR but love the guilty pleasure of running around with a point and shoot. Leave a comment – let me know what your guilty pleasure camera is? Film point and shoot? Digital camera from a decade ago? APS???

I picked up my Powershot G7 secondhand on Craigslist. The front grip area is all scratched up – I think the original owner held her car keys in her hand while she took pictures, but the images are great and it cost next to nothing!

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