Fun shoot today, using mostly window light. I say ‘mostly’ because I used an SB-800 with an SC-29 cable to add some bounce/fill to some of the images. When I did, though, I used low power to try to maintain the ‘natural light’ feel to the images.

This shoot was fun because like most of my shoots, it was pretty spontaneous, and it was pretty liberating to leave the strobes downstairs, open the windows, and let the light do what it wanted. The metering on the D300s performed well. I did spot meter on several occasions to get exactly the balance of light and shadow I was looking for, which was not always what the meter wanted on its own.

Here are three promo shots, using the “Team Dream” filter (part of the freely available “OptikVerve Labs.”) Since it was a bedroom shoot, why not use a “dream” related filter? 🙂

SnapChick VIP’s always get a little something extra 😉 Here are 25 images… a mix of the original shots and the “Team Dream” versions for many of them…


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