50’s and 60’s Style Bedroom Shoot

OK, I was back in SnapChick Labs today working on some new stuff. I hopped in bed and the camera fired away. I tried for a “tempting but innocent” look that would go well with 50’s/60’s style processing.

Here are some samples from the shoot… I used about three or four different types of filters for processing, hoping to capture a “vintage” feeling…

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“The Deep” – Underwater Shoot Results

I managed to put together some results from the underwater shoot.

Here’s what worked

– Underwater at night with strobes

Red and blue gels in the strobe bags made cool effects

– Surprising number of decent shots, given they were taken in darkness

– No equipment got wet


Here’s what didn’t work

Everything else

– Strobes in zip bags is an awful idea. Optical triggering worked about one out of three times

– Autofocus. We gave up and set the camera to f8 with manual focus set to about 10 feet.

Enjoy these results! I will never do this again with my improvised setup.

Despite the technical drawbacks, it was

– A very fun shoot!

– I am very pleased with most of the results! I hope that you are, too.

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Bizarre Underwater Experiment

Without anything near the proper equipment, a poorly though-out wardrobe, and a can of Diet Coke, I embarked on an experimental underwater mission tonight. 4 ziplock bags, a red and blue gel, 2 SB-800’s, a D2x and an ewa Marine underwater camera case later… and I did get some keepers.

Some of the images need a bit of work, but here is the very last image from the shoot. Many more to come tomorrow…

New, 100% Natural! Zero light augmentation and no Photoshop filters

These are the scariest images to post… straight out of the camera – no beauty filters, just some cropping and a tiny contrast boost here and there. I love my strobes, speedlights, cords, cables, etc… but for this shoot, I left them all behind… just afternoon sun through a single window (and a chair, some books, and an IKEA coffee cup and saucer).


Here’s the promo shot…


As you can see, no magic here, just a great camera (D300s) and nature’s own light. D300s set at aperture priority, f2.8, and ISO ranging from 400 to 1600 depending on the angle of the shot. Most of the shots are spot-metered on my face, some with 1 stop of negative exposure compensation. Questions? secrets@snapchick.com

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