Thanks to the reader who sent this image in! This is the D7000 at ISO 6400. WOW!!!!!!!
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If you have been following this site for any amount of time, you know that I LOVE shooting on a white background. In my most recent video, I talk about my affinity for white backgrounds and how to prevent your nice white background from appearing gray. Critical to shooting white is to light up the background. I have been receiving questions about the DIRT CHEAP custom reflectors I have been using to help illuminate my white background, so I talk about this in my video…


Rather than just talk about it, I decided to do a quick shoot to put the concept into action.
The shoot wasn’t really planned. NO OUTFIT? NO PROBLEM! πŸ˜‰

Here are a few sample photos from the shoot. This should give you an idea of how I have the background lights and reflectors set. Those are two SB-800’s set to 1/4 power with my homemade reflectors attached. As the primary lighting, I have my trusty Alien Bees, left-side with shoot-through umbrella and right-side with reflector umbrella. On several of the shots in the VIP collection down below, I purposely left the background lights in some of the shots so you can see how I have them situated and the effect that the give.


VIP’s get about 18 more images from this shoot. Look for the shots with my SB-800 and reflectors in the background to see how they control the background lighting.

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Hi everyone! The Nikon D7000 is working its way into the hands of a lucky few! One of my readers sent me some full-size images with his new camera. The images look terrific… and this is prior to any tweaking of the camera’s settings. Click the image below for the full-size file! Image is 4928×3264, ISO 100, captured with 50mm f1.4G 1/500th sec at F11.

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Hi everyone! It’s been a great Monday here at SnapChick Headquarters. Emails, YouTube comments, etc… have been streaming in. I try to answer all questions or find a way to get you an answer. I also really love it when readers share images that they have captured with their camera / lens combinations. There also seems to be a lot of excitement about the new D7000! Does anyone have one in their hands yet? Have you preordered? Let me know! I’m excited to see some early real-world results when they are available!

Drop me a line to say Hi or find me on Facebook by searching for “SnapChick.” Oh, and one reader has a 300mm lens for sale on ebay. Here is the link…


I’m working on the final edits from the shoots with Kjirstin and Ashley. You’ll get to see those as soon as I have them completed! I am really hoping that I am able to contribute to awesome portfolios for those two up-and-coming models. I’ll be posting their booking info in the Featured Talent section above! And VIP Photographers – don’t forget – if you have a photography business, I will be happy to list you in the “Featured Photographers” section above. If you would like to be a “Featured Partner” and have a link to your business (any business) appear on the front page, contact me for more information!

As always, I can be reached at

Ashley arrived at the studio tonight in a beautiful white outfit, a great smile, and terrific hair and makeup! What a great combination! Did I mention her skin? AMAZING!

We started with the studio set for High Key. Two Alien Bees for primary (then down to one) and the backdrop illuminated with two SB-800’s and home-made reflectors. A classic setup for Ashley’s classic looks! D300s firing away with Salsa music on the radio. Then, we went for some scintillating boudoir shots! A great evening with an extraordinary model! Did I mention her skin? πŸ™‚

There are always more shots (below) for the SnapChick VIP’s! Don’t have VIP Access? It’s easy and inexpensive!


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I had a terrific time in the studio tonight with Kjirstin! She arrived with some great outfits and she has a great attitude and aptitude for modeling! I really enjoyed working with her. I RUSHED to get some results posted tonight because I am SO EXCITED about these pictures. I’ll be doing some more stylistic versions of many of these shots, but, like always, I like to get the images in front of YOU!

There’s a promo shot below and VIP’s are getting SIXTY FOUR images from the shoot. Let me know your favorites so that I can work them into a portfolio set for Kjirstin!

We worked tonight with the D300s and the 17-55mm DX. Although we wanted natural light for the bedroom shots, the weather did not cooperate, so I added an SB-800 near the window and the shots look (mostly) natural! Kjirstin has a look that works in all settings, from traditional studio, high key, low key, boudoir. I’m certain that we’ll be working together again to add some more depth to her portfolio.

In the coming days, I’ll be stylizing many of the images with B&W and vintage looks. Stay tuned and let me know what you think!!! πŸ™‚

VIP’s get SIXTY FOUR images below. Don’t miss out!!! πŸ™‚


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