If you have been following this site for any amount of time, you know that I LOVE shooting on a white background. In my most recent video, I talk about my affinity for white backgrounds and how to prevent your nice white background from appearing gray. Critical to shooting white is to light up the background. I have been receiving questions about the DIRT CHEAP custom reflectors I have been using to help illuminate my white background, so I talk about this in my video…


Rather than just talk about it, I decided to do a quick shoot to put the concept into action.
The shoot wasn’t really planned. NO OUTFIT? NO PROBLEM! 😉

Here are a few sample photos from the shoot. This should give you an idea of how I have the background lights and reflectors set. Those are two SB-800’s set to 1/4 power with my homemade reflectors attached. As the primary lighting, I have my trusty Alien Bees, left-side with shoot-through umbrella and right-side with reflector umbrella. On several of the shots in the VIP collection down below, I purposely left the background lights in some of the shots so you can see how I have them situated and the effect that the give.


VIP’s get about 18 more images from this shoot. Look for the shots with my SB-800 and reflectors in the background to see how they control the background lighting.

The rest of this article is available to SnapChick VIP Members only.

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