On Monday, Sandra and I worked together. It was fantastic! She has an amazing personality, as you will see in the before/after shoot video. Once the camera is snapping, she is a very flexible model with many looks and moods. In short, I was BLOWN AWAY!

We shot a few different scenes, with many shots on an around the orange couch and then in the studio. For the couch shots, I went for a different look than usual – I stopped down the camera a bit (around f11) and really had the strobes put out the power. This made the lighting more selective, adding to Sandra’s natural mystery and intrigue.

For the 36 photos, I REALLY made use of a variety of the optikVerve Labs filters. The filters that I used are in the filenames down in the VIP section below. Remember, these filters are available completely FREE.

Here are three GIANT promo images for EVERYONE.

As always, the VIP’s get EVERYTHING? Not sure if you want to join? THIS SHOOT is a reason to join. Sandra is an awesome model!


The rest of this article is available to SnapChick VIP Members only.

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