Hi! I don’t always like to move my studio gear all around… so tonight I challenged myself to use a VERY simple setup with an attempt to achieve studio-quality results! You can be the judge!

The setup? My totally cool Nikon D3100, a flash cable, and the “bottom of the barrell” SB-400 flash. Oh, and a large background sheet to act as a giant softbox. Rather than have the flash pointing directly at me, we pointed it toward the backdrop (and through the backdrop for some shots.) This softened and spread the light considerably.

One of the best aspects of this setup is that it lets the camera do the metering, since the speedlight is technically hooked to the camera. No “commander mode” or manual metering needed. All of this shooting was done in Aperture priority with exposure compensation set to +1.0 to allow the sheets to show whiter.

Check out these promo images…

VIP’s… you’re in for a treat! 24 images for you tonight. Take a peek and let me know what you think? Studio quality? Or ghetto? You tell me!


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