Hi! I’m back in the studio working with my Alien Bees strobes and D3100. I have also been working on some green screen material… more on chroma green tomorrow!

For this shoot, I grabbed my D3100 and SB-800. I had left the camera on Vivid, since I was outside this morning, but the skin tones definitely look better than I expected! Lately, I have been indecisive as to whether I prefer shots without a fill strobe with just one softened light or more classic lighting with two strobes – one primary and one fill. The promo shots below are one of each and the VIP’s get a variety from the 34 shots from today’s shoot!

Here I talk a bit about the shoot and the setup…

I continue to be impressed by the D3100. I added the SB-800 with diffuser, set to low manual power so that the Alien Bees would “see” the optical flash a little better. Since the pop-up flash points straight at the subject, my strobes have been missing the flash – the SB-800 with diffuser does a bit better at getting the flash to spread around the room, more readily triggering the strobes.

I also love the 18-55 kit lens. I shot at f5.6 today, so the 18-55 was able to give me the aperture that I wanted. I enjoyed the flexibility of the zoom in the studio.

Of course, a shoot isn’t a shoot without a little fun, so the “Sexy Teacher” theme seemed like it might be something fun to try – and who doesn’t like to try on big geeky glasses?

Here are the promo shots…

VIP’s – you get all 34 images. Be kind… I only used Photoshop for cropping!!! No filters, blurring or anything.. I am officially BRAVE!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Especially for the last shot in the second to last row of the gallery. I’m almost scared to post it!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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