Hi everyone! After a little bit of a delay, here is the 5th installment of the Valentine Portraits. Tomorrow, as I mentioned on my Facebook page, will be the 35mm f1.8 DX versus 50mm f1.8 DEATHMATCH. If you have not added me on Facebook, just click here…
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I have several other SnapChick projects going on which you will all benefit from! So, stay tuned.
OK, now back to the Valentine’s shoot – If you remember, in the early parts of the shoot, I watched and waited, but you did not arrive… then I became vengeful and burned up a rose!!!
That whole rose-burning wore me out, so it was time for a peaceful bath!

What a nice way to relax! VIP’s can relax a little more… with some additional bath-time photos! Patreon Patrons click here to see the gallery! You can also learn more about my Patreon page here! 🙂
UPDATE: You can see the other parts of this shoot at the links below…
Part 1
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