Hi! Are you ready for the weekend? I am!

To celebrate the weekend, I put together a portrait shoot on my staircase in a “Magazine Editorial” style… I can dream, can’t I???

To put this shoot together, I used the natural afternoon light on my staircase, D300s, ISO 3200, Aperture Priority f2.8 with the 17-55 DX lens, and spot metering (face).

I used the “Vintage” filter in Aperture on my iMac to achieve the washed out/golden colors in the images. I had debated processing the images in black and white, but I was pleased with the vintage effect.

Where are the promo images?

Well, this shoot is really for my BELOVED VIP’s, but I did place a promo image out on the SnapChick facebook page. Just look over the the right… OK a little further… do you see the Facebook box now? Click in there to get to my Facebook page! If you haven’t been to my Facebook page, I post a little something there -almost- daily.

OK, VIP’s this shoot is for you! Let me know what you think!!! 🙂


The rest of this article is available to SnapChick VIP Members only.

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