If you have been following me on Facebook, you know that I have a few projects underway. One of these projects is an eBook (still in development) which talks about the business and tech behind the SnapChick site, the advertising/affiliates, and the VIP program… and how each of these can apply to any type of site, not just photography.

Every book needs a cover… even an eBook. So, I was messing around in the studio tonight, took some photos, and made some rough edits. From the work I did tonight, I will choose a cover. If the edits work out, I will go with one of these. If not, I will use one of these as a starting point and do an additional shoot with variations on the same theme.

Here are three samples for everyone (tell me your favorite!) and down below, the VIP’s get some other good ones… and some duds!!!

More for the VIP’s below… 🙂


The rest of this article is available to SnapChick VIP Members only.

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