SnapChick goes for Intrigue, Noir, and Fictional Crime!

Tonight’s shoot weaves a tale… intrigue… seduction… murder! Not real murder! And not a real pistol either. But it’s fun to play a part and pretend. The shoot is based on a fantastic reader suggestion and the moment I read the idea, I loved it and found some creativity!

It ended up a bit -steamier- than I planned… does that seem to happen a lot? Or is it just me?

I put the D3100 through the paces, often in low light, along with the 17-55mm DX lens at f2.8 with the camera at or near ISO 3200 for most of the shots. I shot raw, two stops underexposed, and in available incandescent lighting, with an extra hot-lamp for one or two shots.

Here are a couple of shots for everyone… and then more for the VIP’s at 1280 pixels wide.


The rest of this article is available to SnapChick VIP Members only.

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