Hi! I asked on Facebook, “Send some ideas for a photo shoot” and the consensus was an Audrey Hepburn theme. Of course, the problem is that it is not easy to do a shoot in the theme of someone much better looking than you! But, I played with my hair and tried to dress the part.

I used my Alien Bees and an SB-800 (in SU-4) mode. The SB-800 was sometimes used as a background light and other times to add a little bit of kick on the left side of the frame. One of the Bees was used with a shoot-through umbrella and the other beaming down from high above on the right side of the frame with no modifier.

For processing, believe it or not, I shot in RAW (since I knew I would have to do a ton of processing due to the vast difference in beauty between Audrey Hepburn and myself. I used Aperture 3.0 and the “low contrast” B&W conversion, but I then tweaked contrast and exposure to my liking.

I definitely spent more time with this shoot and processing than usual. When my Facebook folks ask for something, I want to assure that I deliver!

My esteemed VIP supporters can look below for all of the images from the shoot! For everyone, though, here are two samples.

VIP’s, please enjoy the rest of the images!

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