Earlier in the week, just messing around, I incorporated a mirror into a photo that I posted on my Facebook page. The photo was popular and it was fun to put together. So, why not build a small shoot out of the idea.
Since the mirror itself would be the ‘prop’ in the shoot, I wanted to keep things simple. D300s with 50mm f1.8, set at f2.8. For lighting, I used a single hardware-store halogen work lamp (apologies to my Alien Bees). Since I was using a mirror in the shots and light would be bouncing everywhere, it was easier to use continuous lighting to set up the shots and see them exactly how they would be photographed. Oh, and I used my black backdrop hanging from my *ironing board* – how’s that for improvisation?
I worked through about 14 different poses, trying to select ones that would show some contrast between the real me and the mirror-image-me. Most of them worked out pretty well! It was both fun and challenging to effectively work with two models at the same time… ones that could not be posed independently!
Here are a couple of promo shots, and down below them, my AWESOME VIP’s 😉 get to see all of the shots!


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