Alright, it’s bravery time! I have been working with the Linco Flora continuous lights, so I figured that it was time to do something cool with them. I was shooting some video for Linco to show off my techniques with some combinations of their Flora lights and softboxes, so why not take some bikini photos for my site?

The shots for today were done with a single light. This is one of my favorite shooting techniques, because it adds plenty of shadow, mystery, and intrigue! When I started with studio lighting, I was always eager to have everything extremely well lit. The more that I have worked in the studio, the more comfortable I have become working with fewer lights and more shadow.

One great thing about working with continuous lighting – especially when using a single light, is having the scene truly rendered in front of you and the ability to use the camera’s own metering to get the exposure the way that I want it.

Here is a sample shot from the single-light shoot…

And here are the rest of the single-light bikini shots for my super-awesome-best-people-ever-VIP’s!!!!!!

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