VIP Shoot – Messing around… hot shoot with low tech!

If you have been on my Facebook page this weekend, you saw that we were talking about the possibility of putting the expensive DSLR and high-end lighting aside and see what results could be achieved. I first talked about it as a joke, but then I started thinking about it… How close could I come to higher-end results with a lower end setup?

Here’s a teaser photo for everyone. This shot was filtered with a “Milky Noir” preset that I found for Aperture 3.0. This preset pulls the contrast down quite a bit, going for a vintage B&W look. The VIP gallery has a blend of color and B&W images 🙂

VIP’s… here is the rest of the story, including the entire setup detailed… and the pics!

The rest of this article is available to SnapChick VIP Members only.

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