OK, before my knee surgery, I made sure to get a couple of shoots “in the can.” I decided that I would do some tight cropping and some other techniques that you might not use in a normal portrait shoot. Pick up nearly any fashion/arts/style magazine and you will see interesting examples of commercial photography. With commercial and “high fashion” photography, you are going for something different… the extremes.

Now, if you have seen my style, you know that I do not like to process to the point of “fake plastic” images, so my take on commercial involves a lot of cropping, but is a little light on the skin smoothing.

Now, what I want you all to do is check out some magazines and other commercial shots. Think about how you can incorporate some of the extreme elements into your own style…

This is the first of two parts… the first outfit is in this part.

The second part will have a video and a special VIP video to go along with it. While I work on those videos, please enjoy these shots.

All shots were with the D3100 using the 50mm f1.8G lens. It’s a fun combo!

UPDATE: Part 2 and Part 3 are up!

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