VIP Questions #2

I answer a lot of emails every day and I spend extra time on the emails from my VIPs. In a video just for VIPs, I share some of the questions I’ve gotten in the last week or so from other VIPs. So, VIPs, log in to get to the video!


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SnapChick Poolside!

I can’t believe I haven’t done a pool shoot this summer! I took care of that this week with some fun-in-the-sun photos.


VIPs, I have a whole gallery of images for you plus a detailed video explaining how I did the shoot – from inspiration to lighting. 🙂 Log in to see them!




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How to Learn Studio Photography


People watch my studio tutorials and many viewers find them to be helpful.  Often, people will thank me for transferring my knowledge and then ask where I acquired my own knowledge. People assume that I learned studio lighting techniques in books or took formal classes in studio photography. I did neither.


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How to Save Your Images for a Lifetime


I am often asked how I organize my images. It’s a great question! To our camera and computer, each image is simply a file… a file that is no more or less important than any other file. To us humans, however, the importance of one image (or a set of images) over another can be all the difference in the world.


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My First Shoot in the Studio with the Nikon D800

For my first foray into studio self-portraiture with my new Nikon D800, I wore bright colors and tested out a couple lenses!


For everybody, here’s a JPEG image…



And click here for a RAW image for you to REALLY see the D800’s capabilities!


And, for my beloved VIPs, log in for a full gallery of JPEG images, an additional RAW image, and a detailed video explaining the shoot!



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How would I live with only one camera?


Some people think that I may have too many camera bodies. They are correct. I have even owned a few more than I have today. My “core set” that gets the most use are the D800, D300s, D3100, and mirrorless V1. But, also on the shelf are a D2x, D80, and D70. The D70 is having some problems reliably writing to memory cards, so it’s reserved for hazard duty and periodic “First Sunday” shoots. Along the way, there was also a D100, D50, D60, and Canon XTi. Of those, I truly miss the D50.


I’m often asked two questions – A. Which of my current cameras is my favorite and B. If I could only have one, which camera would I keep?


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August First Sunday

It was the first Sunday of August yesterday. As we’ve been doing on the first Sunday of every month, I headed out with one of my lower-end cameras in an attempt to capture some great images without getting too bogged down in the technical aspects. This month, I brought my D3100 with the 50mm f/1.8G lens. The D3100 isn’t exactly a low-end camera, but it hasn’t been getting much love in the SnapChick house lately because I’ve been so consumed with my newer cameras. It was time to take it out for a spin!


I went to the Arizona Science Center! It was dark in most of the exhibits, so I really got to stretch the D3100’s capabilities. I used Aperture Priority and stuck to the wider apertures. I also used Auto-ISO and shot in JPEG Basic Small. I didn’t use Monochrome, so I ran all of the photos through Aperture and converted them there. I didn’t make any other changes!


Here’s a gallery of some of my shots…