This week, I…


I showed you how I can control my entire studio setup – strobes, speedlights AND camera – with the Satechi Smart Trigger.


One word… Bikini. Yes, I did. I got SnapChick Bikini 2013 started off with a sampling of photos from the shoot!


DEATHMATCH! I posted a DEATHMATCH between the Nikon D800 and the Nikon D600. Which one came on top? You’ll have to watch to find out!


I posted a VLOG while I was getting ready to go swim at the gym. I hadn’t been in my gym bag in months!


I posted more landscapes on my Facebook page.


I also posted a rewind from 2 years ago!


You can find my Facebook page here.


What’s up for week the week ahead? Certainly more pool time!


First Sunday is this weekend! Learn about it here.


I’ll also be posting more from SnapChick Bikini 2013!


And for those viewers who want to hear about all this from me in a poolside video…


I did it! I put on the same bikini, 3 years later, along with some other wardrobe choices. There is still plenty of work to be done – there are a TON of pictures – but I wanted to share some quick edits from yesterday’s “3 years later” bikini shoot! First, browse the images from 2010, then check these images out. I’ll have more samples for everyone so check back soon. VIPs, log in to see 9 of the shots, with many more to come. Also, once everything is edited, I’ll be taking you behind the scenes to discuss every aspect of the photo shoot.     ...

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It’s been H-O-T here in Phoenix, AZ so I spend much time as possible in my pool!


On Sunday morning I went to a local sporting event – a triathlon – to shoot for fun! I posted a VLOG, where I talked about this cool dude that I saw and I also posted a photo galleryon Facebook of some of the other pics I took while I was wandering around. Another exciting thing I did was get my second tattoo removal treatment. You can see my VLOG about it here.


I added videos to a post from last week – Experiments in the Forest. I was experimenting with different action shot techniques!



I received a new gadget – the Satechi Smart Trigger! It’s a wireless DSLR trigger that you use with your mobile device. I posted my review of the trigger but I’m still playing with it and I’ll be posting another video, where I actually use it in the studio.


Philosophy was still on my mind this week and I posted two more videos on this topic – the first one was called “SnapChick on the Image Versus the Process, Part 2”, and the third one was called “SnapChick Sticks It to the Critics, Part 3”. If you missed Part 1 from last week, it was called “Life, the Universe, and the Digital Age, Part 1”.


I gave you a video preview of my next photo shoot. It’s a new take on a shoot I did three years ago. I’ll be posting the new shoot and videos soon!



I’ve posted all sorts of photos on my Facebook page… From a SnapChick Rewind from two years ago – my Noir and Lace shoot – to a bunch of newly-scanned old photos. If you haven’t found me on Facebook, here’s a link.



And for those of you that prefer to watch your recap…

It was a great week here, so I hope it was for you, as well. I am a bit under the weather, so it was a slow week for new videos, but here’s what’s shaking…


I’ve been working with a very cool Phone-to-Camera Satechi Bluetooth Smart Trigger that I’ll be reviewing very soon!

If you were lurking in the forest this week, you may have seen me experimenting. Is that a scary, mean bear in the forest? Nope. Just SnapChick. 😉

I’ve been scanning a ton of my old 35mm film and slides with this scanner. It will scan 120 film and transparencies, as well. Oh, and it does larger prints and documents, too, but I’m in it for the film!

Everyone except us Nikon 1 users who know about Nikon’s best kept secret hated this new lens release.

Dragonfly! with the Nikon V1 + FT-1 Adapter + 70-200 f2.8 + 1.7X TC

We got all funny, sad, weird and philosophical talking about this video.

Some of us missed our awesome old-school vinyl records.

And we all went on a Flashback together with some moody, selective lighting!

I recently found myself in the forest with a couple cameras so I did some experimenting! I experiment all the time with my cameras – new techniques, new looks… Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. But I always learn something. 🙂


This time I messed around with panning…



I also found some interesting areas to play with…



And some cool backgrounds…



VIPs, log in to read more about my time in the forest, plus see a gallery of images and a video where I talk technical specifics and tell you the story behind some of the photos!



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As always, I’ve had a busy week! Here’s the rundown…


SnapChick’s New Paper Backdrops – from Unboxing to Photos I posted my first photos with my new roll paper backdrops! This post included a video where I unboxed and set up the backdrops and talked about how I could get different looks from each one. I showed you photos of each look in the video. Plus, VIPs have an extra video where I go more in-depth about each of the setups (and a full gallery of photos of course)!


SnapChick Reviews the Grand Canyon I posted a review of the Grand Canyon, which included LOTS of pictures that I’ve amassed in my years of visiting my favorite place in the world.


Northern Arizona I went to Flagstaff, AZ last weekend and had a blast. I hiked so much and had such good food. While I was there, I filmed a question-and-answer video on Slate Mountain. This one was fun because if was about everything EXCEPT photography. I also took my First Sunday photos!


Chroma Key Backdrops – SnapChick VIP Question of the Day For VIPs, I answered a question about chroma key backdrops – what I use and what I find is more helpful than chroma key for still photography.


Life, the Universe, and the Digital Age, Part 1 I’ve been thinking a lot about the process of photography – specifically, MY process. I got pretty philosophical for this one!


Rewind This morning, I posted a rewind photo to my Facebook page. It’s from a post from 2 years ago called Double Trouble! I was experimenting with using a mirror. It makes me want to do some more reflection portraits…


On the personal front, I got my teeth cleaned, which I always love. And I lightened my hair! I’m so fickle when it comes to hair color.


Up Next You will be seeing some more photos I took while in Northern AZ last weekend. I experimented with some action shots in the woods! I gave you a sneak peek on my Facebook page earlier this week! You’ll also be seeing more of my film cameras…

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Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 5.44.06 PM copy

I bought some new seamless roll paper backdrops and was eager to get them set up in the studio so I could take some portraits with them! So I unboxed them and took photos right away. Here’s a sample but you can see a bunch of the photos I took in the video below.



Technical Details:
D800 + 85mm f/1.8
Aperture- f/4
Shutter Speed- 1/250
ISO- 100



VIPs, log in to see the photos from the shoot plus a video where I get into the technical details of each setup!



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