Here’s what I’ve been up to…

I answered a VIP’s question in a VIP Question of the Day – about the legality of including photos of people in your portfolio.

I did some simple studio portraits in my newly-expanded studio this week. In the video, I talked about how to get simple, relaxed photos with a model.

I introduced a new video series called You Are The Artist, where I draw connections between historical art and modern-day photography. I also posted the first video in the series! It was all about normal people doing normal things in portraiture.

What camera should I bring for summer vacation? I answered that question in this video.

The SnapChick Rewind this week was from an action-packed studio shoot from two years ago! There were two posts for this one – one for everyone, where I talk about white balance presets and one for VIPs only, where I get into the technical details of the shoot and show off the entire gallery of images.

Did I mention that I indulged myself in a Nintendo 3DS XL? I’ve been playing it everywhere from my couch to my bike trainer!

I posted a bunch of other photos on Facebook – a pink Jeep that I saw, my newly-enlarged studio, my oil change

Let’s talk about next week. I’ll be getting started on my next photo shoot, where I’ll bring up some of the same concepts I talked about in my You Are The Artist video from this week. I’ll also start work on my next topic in the series, plus a few other things I’ve got up my sleeve.

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But if you want to see more of me now, check out this recap in video form…

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 8.55.23 AM copy
See the follow-up to this video here!

Extravagant setups, fancy locales, and outrageous styling make for some great photography, but a simple studio shoot can be just as beautiful and effective. I talk about how to achieve a simple and relaxed look with a model in my video below. Plus, here’s a sample image to take a look at…

Technical Details:
Nikon D800 + 85mm f/1.8
Aperture- f/4
Shutter Speed- 1/160
ISO- 400

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 5.51.55 PM copy
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I answer a VIP’s question for VIPs only!

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I posted a Question of the Day video, where I answered the question… What is the AE-L/AF-L button for?

I turned into an old-time detective in Detective SnapChick – A Watered-Down Noir Look. There are pictures and videos for everyone!

I posted a couple VLOGs…
In one, I talked about getting rid of my pool table. After it was gone, I rearranged my studio in the space and took stock of all my lighting.

In another VLOG, I had just gotten up and was getting ready for a run.
I answered the questions you asked last week in a huge Q&A. See Parts 1 and 2 here.

The SnapChick Rewind this week was from two years ago. It was from a HUGE shoot where I didn’t do any post-processing at all!
If you want to keep up with me, Facebook is the best place – find me here.
I have a few plans for next week… a photo shoot, some videos, some house-cleaning… I actually just filmed a VIP Question of the Day too, so VIPs, you should be seeing that tomorrow.
If you’d like to see me talk about all this, check out my recap video here…


When I came across a cool antique phone and fan, I couldn’t help but think up a photo shoot for them! They screamed for the noir style. In the shoot, I used elements of noir, without being too dramatic. That being said, this sample image did end up being pretty noir-looking in post-processing! You can see this one and more (and some technical specs for each one) in the video below.




VIPs, log in to see a gallery of images, plus a video where I talk about all of the details of the shoot – from styling to more technical specifications!



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Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 10.52.05 AM copy

How did I spend my time this week, you ask…


I answered a viewer question in a Question of the Day video – about getting a blurry background in a portrait.


I went to a farm and picked peaches! I posted some pics on Facebook.


I couldn’t resist sneaking in one more of my LEGO Star Wars photos too.



The final part of SnapChick Bikini 2013 is up! This shoot went up in four parts. Videos for everyone and links to all of the parts, plus the shoot that inspired this round of bikini madness, are in Part 4.


I reviewed Piestewa Peak, here in Phoenix, AZ. I talked about a few of the trails and showed you lots of pictures!


I posted a SnapChick Rewind to a year ago. I loved this rock and roll themed shoot!


Apple held a big conference and I made a video on my reactions here. You know I’m a fan of Apple products so I always get excited when one of these conferences comes around.


Some firmware updates were announced this week. Several months ago, I showed you how to check if your camera has a firmware update, and I also posted a video on how to update your Nikon DSLR’s firmware. This week, I posted a video on how to update your Canon DSLR’s firmware.


Of course I posted a bunch of pics on Facebook, like this photo of a B2 that I took in 2003 and a photo of Mischief that I snapped while she was lounging on my backdrop!


What am I going to do next week?


I’m doing a photo shoot tonight where I’m hoping to use some props that I’ve been holding onto. I asked you for questions so I could make another big anything-goes Q&A video – I’ll be answering all of them in a video this weekend. Of course, I’m headed out for some hiking – I might even try to catch sunrise somewhere!


If you want to keep up with me, Facebook is the best place – find me here!


And I talk about all that in a video here…


Not sure if you need a firmware update? Watch my video here to learn how to find out!
Are you a Nikon owner? I have video on updating your Nikon’s firmware here!

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 11.35.19 AM copy

SnapChick Bikini 2013 is drawing to a close, with a video for everyone, a video for VIPs, plus photos for all! Check out this comparison – SnapChick of the Present is on the right, SnapChick of the 3-Years-Ago Past is on the left.



I talk about the shoot in this video…



You can see the rest of SnapChick Bikini 2013 here…
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
And you can find the video that was the inspiration for this shoot here.


VIPs, log in to see your giant gallery of images and a detailed video with behind-the-scenes information about the shoot!



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Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 1.55.27 PM copy

I went a little more blonde (you can see it in the video below)! Oh, and I posted a bunch of stuff…


Parts 2 & 3 of SnapChick Bikini 2013 went up this week!


First Sunday was this week as well. I posted a gallery on Facebook and I also posted a video where I talked about the photos I took while hiking.


Questions about obtaining focus are not uncommon in my inbox. I answered one of them in a Question of the Day video.


I posted a video where I talk about my new-found focus on the image, rather than the process, where I also showed you some photos from Black Soul Photo. I talked about them from the perspective of someone who knew nothing of how the images were created, or even the purpose of the images.


A video that I forgot to mention in the video version of this recap is where I got stalked by museum guards! I talk about other stuff in the video too… like why we can’t take all the photos we like at all museums.


One of the funnest things I did this week was take some LEGO Star Wars portraits, which I posted on my Facebook page – you can see them here and here. I talk about how I took them in the video version of this recap below.


What else did I share with you this week? Some landscapes, food, my new bikinis… I also posted a SnapChick Rewind to 1 year ago.


If you want to keep up with the latest SnapChick happenings, you can find my Facebook page here.


What’s on tap for next week?


Part 4, the last of SnapChick Bikini 2013! It will have photos and videos for everyone. I’m also working on a couple more Question of the Day videos and a review of Kendrick Peak!


And, if you’d prefer to watch your recap…


See the article I talked about in the video here.

See more from Black Soul Photo here.

Today’s photos all took place in front of mirrors. I continued with the grunged-up look though. VIPs, log in to see your gallery of images. Plus, be on the lookout for the final Bikini 2013 post this weekend, with TONS of photos and videos for all!




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