SnapChick eLookBook Collection

Find your creative inspiration with the SnapChick eBooks and eLookbooks! Each edition is packed with full-page photos of different poses and creative ideas. Various models, including me, are featured in the books.
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I repeat. VIP members do not need to pay anything for these books. They are included as part of membership of my site.
There are FIVE SnapChick custom eBooks and eLookBooks…
Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks 2017 This is a book of my experience at Bryce and Zion – a field trip crowdfunded by my Patreon page!

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SnapChick Legacy 2013-2014 This is the second of three Legacy volumes, chronicling the first 7 years of my site. These are the images that best show the progression of my style for each time period. You can find Volume 1, 2010-2012, below. Volume 3, 2015-2016 is coming soon!

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SnapChick Yellowstone 2017 This is the Yellowstone book that was crowdfunded on my Patreon page.

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SnapChick Legacy 2010-2012 This is the first of three “Legacy” volumes, chronicling the first 7 years of my site. These are the premiere images that best represent the evolution of my style for each time period. Future books beyond these three volumes will only contain material from 2017 and beyond. I’m calling these early works now “done.” Volumes for 2013-2014 and 2015-2016 are coming very soon!

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SnapChick In Color 2016. This book examines color portraiture in four different styles… Studio, Environmental, Emotional, and Intimate. I provide an introduction to the book, and I lead each section with my thought process for each style. This is the largest and most comprehensive eLookBook to date. This book is 102 pages! Check out the video introduction below!

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eLookBook Monochrome has 75 unique monochrome images along with write-ups of my approach to high key, low key, outdoor, and intimate black and white photography. In short, you’re seeing my own ideas come to life while reading about my philosophies behind each technique.

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The next is eLookBook Classic

In addition to the black and white and color images in the eLookBook Classic, there are seven creative lighting layout diagrams included, so that you can re-create some of the exact same lighting effects in the book… and then get more creative.


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Here is a sample lighting diagram from eLookBook Classic!


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