Here’s something that I have not mentioned yet – AND I LITERALLY USE IT EVERY DAY.

I use “Virtual Photographer” all the time. If you have Photoshop, it’s an absolute must, and it’s TOTALLY FREE. I could talk a ton about it here (and I will in a video soon), but just download it and try it out. I’ll be shocked if you do not instantly love it.

I didn’t know about their “Virtual Studio” product until right now! TOTALLY FREE.

Here’s an image where I used a “radiant” filter from Virtual Photographer to add some “glow” to a portrait (yes, that’s me sporting the long hair).

Questions about technique or anything else?

For the VIP’s here’s the original file un-retouched file and two more new-ish self portraits…


The rest of this article is available to SnapChick VIP Members only.

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