Here’s some more info on how the 2008 shoot was constructed…
I was working ‘off the cuff,’ because I had never seen or met the model before she arrived at the house – I had only seen an online portfolio. From the portfolio, I knew that she wasn’t shy and had a great look. She did not have very much time for the shoot before she had to leave for work, but she was eager to participate and work quickly in the time that we had.
I set the studio up to be as accommodating as possible, as there would be no time for second chances. With me, I had two Alien Bees strobes, a shoot-through umbrella, and a reflector umbrella. I positioned the shoot-through on the left side at a 45 degree angle to the model, with the reflector at an 80 degree angle (right next to me) on the right side. I knew with this setup that I would get proper illumination and could accommodate almost any outfit or pose.

Here are 32 more shots of “K” for my VIP’s! 🙂


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