Hi guys! Thanks for the great response on the new site design. I’m definitely no master at web design, but I’m hoping that this layout works for you! I’ve got many more shots of “K” to post, but I wanted to talk about another shoot…

Unlike the previous shoot that I described, this one was planned in advance. There was a planned one-hour time limit, as I had four models coming to the studio that day at one hour intervals. I advertised a “model portfolio builder” shoot and talked with various models until I knew exactly which four models I wanted to work with.

The shoot was fantastic. The model was very experienced posing in various ways. I was adjusting and adapting to her style while keeping the lighting and bright-white background lighting exactly the way that I wanted. With very few exceptions in these pictures, you’ll see that the background is blown-out white, which is what I wanted. Doing this requires dedicated lights illuminating the background. I used my trust Alien Bees as my main lighting and two Nikon SB-800’s in SU-4 mode as my background lights. “SU-4” means that the SB-800’s will flash instantly when they detect any other flash in the room. This is a simple, but effective way to keep all of your strobes firing at the same time.
I have four sets of images of “A.” Here are a couple of images to show how the illumination worked. More after the break for VIP members!


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