Hi! I hope that everyone is having a great holiday week… and maybe a few days off from work 🙂

Tonight’s shoot was all about the D3100 and some “studio simplicity” – A VERY inexpensive speedlight, a cable to get it off the camera, a D3100, and (mostly) the 35mm f1.8. Although I couldn’t do everything that I would have done with strobes, many of the photos have “studio goodness” to them.

I grabbed some weights and a bench out of the fitness room and worked on some “fitness model” type poses.

Here’s a couple of samples…

VIP’s get the entire shoot below! Grab your camera, get the flash off of the camera and see what you can do! I took advantage of quite a bit of bounce with these shots, as the un-diffused SB-400 straight on can be a little harsh. Most of the shots have the speedlight to the left of the frame. Let me know if you have any questions about any of the shots. You can always reach me at secrets@snapchick.com


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