Hi! It’s been a LONG week, and I’m just getting to the point that my studio will be set back up shortly. In short, I had to move EVERYTHING out of my house and then back in. It’s still going, but I will have new pictures and videos this week! Keep the email questions coming!

One thing that I DID manage to put together last week is these SnapChick Studio Posters. What are these? What are they for? These posters are about IDEAS and INSPIRATION! Every time that I work with a model/client/photographer, before anything else, we sit and talk about our ideas for our project. No single thing helps this better than looking at images, sometimes a few… sometimes hundreds! Usually, there are one or two images that start the conversation, and then we refine and narrow things down from there.

These posters can help get the conversation started, add some “spice” and style to your studio or work space, and might give you or others ideas on what they are looking for in their project.

In particular, with female models, some will have difficulty saying, “I would like Boudoir Photos.” It is MUCH EASIER for the model to say, “I would like to make photos like this.” There are definitely cases where your Studio Posters can literally get the project started in the right direction.

Take a peek at the posters above and let me know what you think!

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