It was a great morning in the desert for photography! 🙂

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It was a fun shoot, but very cold!!!

As promised, I took the D3100 with the 18-200 out in the field. It performed extremely well. I shot Auto ISO with confidence. Here are some sample images… all were shot with Matrix Metering (typically -1.0 exposure compensation), Vivid setting on Picture Controls, and Auto WB.

Promo shot 1: f8 1/60sec, ISO 220, 18mm focal length

Promo shot 2: f4.8 1/200sec, ISO 100, 52mm focal length. Fired SB-800 in TTL

Promo shot 3: f4.2 1/60sec, ISO 140, 35mm. Fired SB-800 in TTL

Promo shot 4: f8 1/60sec, ISO 100, 44mm

And, also as promised, here are three high ISO samples from the D3100. The first is ISO 800, the second and third are ISO 3200. These are the files straight from the camera, so when you click the images below, it will load the entire original file!

VIP’s get the extended “BEHIND THE SCENES” video and an extensive 60+ image gallery from this morning!!! 🙂


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