Hi everyone! I came across a really cool site this week! And they wrote a post about SnapChick! I’m so excited about that, so I wanted to tell you guys a little more about Robert and Anthony and what they’ve been doing with their site!

Here’s what Rob and Anthony have to say about it…

Community Connect is a community network and news website for the state of New Jersey. It is our view of the world through New Jersey eyes. We blog about a little bit of everything from local news stories, the latest tech and entertainment, video games, sports, show case art, and throw some funny viral videos in there too! What makes us different from other blogs is that we love to showcase and connect the little bloggers and artisans and businesses specifically out here in NJ. Connecting the community is our nature (It’s In our name – Lol) and we try to build bridges any way we can even it’s just to share a laugh or some local knowledge.

What’s super cool about their site is that, although much of their content is focused on NJ, they break outside the borders sometimes and feature stories, videos, people (like me!), and places from all over! From a reader standpoint, I really like that they are doing that, as it is a good example for other local sites… respect your primary topic, but keep your readers engaged with a variety of content, too. They’re doing it, and they’re doing it right!

So, even if you’re not from NJ, check out their site, and I’m sure you will find something that you like there!

Oh, and are you on Facebook? They are, too!

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