How did I spend my time this week, you ask…


I answered a viewer question in a Question of the Day video – about getting a blurry background in a portrait.


I went to a farm and picked peaches! I posted some pics on Facebook.


I couldn’t resist sneaking in one more of my LEGO Star Wars photos too.



The final part of SnapChick Bikini 2013 is up! This shoot went up in four parts. Videos for everyone and links to all of the parts, plus the shoot that inspired this round of bikini madness, are in Part 4.


I reviewed Piestewa Peak, here in Phoenix, AZ. I talked about a few of the trails and showed you lots of pictures!


I posted a SnapChick Rewind to a year ago. I loved this rock and roll themed shoot!


Apple held a big conference and I made a video on my reactions here. You know I’m a fan of Apple products so I always get excited when one of these conferences comes around.


Some firmware updates were announced this week. Several months ago, I showed you how to check if your camera has a firmware update, and I also posted a video on how to update your Nikon DSLR’s firmware. This week, I posted a video on how to update your Canon DSLR’s firmware.


Of course I posted a bunch of pics on Facebook, like this photo of a B2 that I took in 2003 and a photo of Mischief that I snapped while she was lounging on my backdrop!


What am I going to do next week?


I’m doing a photo shoot tonight where I’m hoping to use some props that I’ve been holding onto. I asked you for questions so I could make another big anything-goes Q&A video – I’ll be answering all of them in a video this weekend. Of course, I’m headed out for some hiking – I might even try to catch sunrise somewhere!


If you want to keep up with me, Facebook is the best place – find me here!


And I talk about all that in a video here…


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