Here’s what I’ve been up to…

I answered a VIP’s question in a VIP Question of the Day – about the legality of including photos of people in your portfolio.

I did some simple studio portraits in my newly-expanded studio this week. In the video, I talked about how to get simple, relaxed photos with a model.

I introduced a new video series called You Are The Artist, where I draw connections between historical art and modern-day photography. I also posted the first video in the series! It was all about normal people doing normal things in portraiture.

What camera should I bring for summer vacation? I answered that question in this video.

The SnapChick Rewind this week was from an action-packed studio shoot from two years ago! There were two posts for this one – one for everyone, where I talk about white balance presets and one for VIPs only, where I get into the technical details of the shoot and show off the entire gallery of images.

Did I mention that I indulged myself in a Nintendo 3DS XL? I’ve been playing it everywhere from my couch to my bike trainer!

I posted a bunch of other photos on Facebook – a pink Jeep that I saw, my newly-enlarged studio, my oil change

Let’s talk about next week. I’ll be getting started on my next photo shoot, where I’ll bring up some of the same concepts I talked about in my You Are The Artist video from this week. I’ll also start work on my next topic in the series, plus a few other things I’ve got up my sleeve.

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But if you want to see more of me now, check out this recap in video form…

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