I went a little more blonde (you can see it in the video below)! Oh, and I posted a bunch of stuff…


Parts 2 & 3 of SnapChick Bikini 2013 went up this week!


First Sunday was this week as well. I posted a gallery on Facebook and I also posted a video where I talked about the photos I took while hiking.


Questions about obtaining focus are not uncommon in my inbox. I answered one of them in a Question of the Day video.


I posted a video where I talk about my new-found focus on the image, rather than the process, where I also showed you some photos from Black Soul Photo. I talked about them from the perspective of someone who knew nothing of how the images were created, or even the purpose of the images.


A video that I forgot to mention in the video version of this recap is where I got stalked by museum guards! I talk about other stuff in the video too… like why we can’t take all the photos we like at all museums.


One of the funnest things I did this week was take some LEGO Star Wars portraits, which I posted on my Facebook page – you can see them here and here. I talk about how I took them in the video version of this recap below.


What else did I share with you this week? Some landscapes, food, my new bikinis… I also posted a SnapChick Rewind to 1 year ago.


If you want to keep up with the latest SnapChick happenings, you can find my Facebook page here.


What’s on tap for next week?


Part 4, the last of SnapChick Bikini 2013! It will have photos and videos for everyone. I’m also working on a couple more Question of the Day videos and a review of Kendrick Peak!


And, if you’d prefer to watch your recap…


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