The week started off with First Sunday! I went to the Phoenix Children’s Museum and checked out all the colorful and interesting sights.
I continued posting menu walkthroughs for the Canon Rebel T4i / 650D… the Playback Menu, the Set-Up Menu, and the My Menu.
To answer a question I get asked almost daily, I talked about how to learn photography in a video.
I posted a bunch of photos on Facebook this week too…

A gallery of some of the shots I took in San Diego
And also a gallery of photos I took while at the Arizona Science Center.
The SnapChick Friday Morning Rewind this week is from a pool shoot from two years ago. I love this shot!!
For next week, I’ll be continuing to work with my new toy from Eye-Fi, which I did mention to you guys last week, I’ll be doing a little more on the Canon Rebel T4i / 650D, and seeing what other kind of mischief I can get myself into!
If you like to hear about what I’m up to as I’m up to it, like me on Facebook – you can find me here.
And check out this video version of this weekly recap, plus some video from my San Diego trip…

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