Early in the week, I got up early to work on my project for Eye-Fi.
For VIPs, I posted a VIP Question of the Day about what NOT to do when photographing a wedding.
I posted a video about Saucy Salamander, which told you what it is and how you can participate.
One of my silly breaking-a-camera videos got some attention this week. Some of the comments were pretty funny.
The SnapChick Friday Morning Rewind this week was from a 3-year old shoot. I used natural light and a filter called “Teen Dream” to get a dreamy look.
I posted a few VLOGs this week… about my early bike ride, about mistaking 100-degree weather for running weather, and how I almost burned down my kitchen!
Next week you’ll see the last of the T4i videos, a video on low-light photography on a budget, and the finished Eye-Fi Mobi video!
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If you’d like to see the weekly recap in person, check out this video…

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