Ever wonder at the end of the week what you actually got done? Well, here’s what I did…
I started to show you how to do a boudoir shoot for anyone in Part 1 of Classic Boudoir for Everyone.
The SnapChick Question of the Day this week was about Long Exposure Noise Reduction – what it is, how it works, and when you would use it.
I explained how I did a photo shoot where I focused on tattoos. I had a gentleman into the studio and I took portraits where I concentrated on capturing his tattoos. In the video, I go through my process. Plus, in a video for VIPs, I give additional insights and technical details.
The SnapChick Friday Morning Rewind this week was from a shoot from two years ago, with Nicole Renee.
I posted some random things on Facebook… A photo of the disposable film camera I was playing around with, a pic of LEGOs, me relaxing by playing on my Nintendo 3DS XL
I posted a few VLOGs as well… in one, I took you on a tour of my town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, another was about my get-off-coffee plan, yet another was about my progress toward my goal of getting off coffee.
I have plans for next week too… Part 2 of Classic Boudoir for Everyone is in the works. I have a video on exposure modes coming. I’m also going on an adventure this weekend… again! I’ll keep you updated.
You can hear about all of that as I finish it by following me on Facebook here.
And you can see me talking through this recap of the week, plus hear a bit more about next week here…

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