I went to Prescott, AZ last weekend and mixed business with pleasure… I did a couple photo shoots that you will be seeing more of soon. I did post a couple iPhone photos of one of the locations here and here. I also went on a hike on Mingus Mountain! I posted some photos from the hike this week.
I had a deep thought on Monday morning that I asked you guys about… When you look at a photo, do you look for what’s right, or do you look for what’s wrong? I read lots of answers that I thought were interesting. Later in the week, I confided in my VIPs how I feel about the question.
I purchased an iPhone 5s last week and I posted a couple videos about the new models this week. One was a quick unboxing of my new 5s. I got my hands on a 5c this week as well, so I compared the two models in a video.
I showed off my new R2D2 hoodie in a video. Yes, I said R2D2 hoodie.
The SnapChick Friday Morning Rewind was from September of 2011. It was a super colorful shoot where I was experimenting with filters in post-processing.
To find out what I’m doing next week, watch this video…

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