Let’s talk about what I did this week…

I posted my review of the Canon Pixma Pro-100 inkjet photo printer. I purchased this printer here …and my favorite paper here.
I talked about photo contests and photos of the day, and the possible implications in submitting your work to them in a video called Your Images, Photo Contests, and the Fine Print.
Which DSLR is best for you? I answered in a Question of the Day video.
I also answered a VIP Question of the Day, about whether or not to provide unretouched digital images to a wedding client.
Nikon announced a new addition to their 1 Series! It’s called the AW1 and it’s a waterproof mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. I talked about my first impressions of it in a video.
The SnapChick Friday Morning Rewind was from a shoot from 2010, where I used natural light for a monochrome boudoir session.

I also took you on a tour of my studio lighting setups in a video. I talked about my different types of lighting and showed you some photos taken using each type of light. For VIPs, there is also a gallery of images and a video where I talked to them a little more about the setups for those photos. I’ll be posting individual videos for each of the lighting types in the coming weeks too!
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To hear about all this, plus what I’m up to next week, watch this video…

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