This week…
I finished up with the Nikon D5000 in the SnapChickLab. Now there are three videos on it – a Meet & Greet, a Body Tour & Menu Walkthrough Plus Info Display, and How I Set My Nikon D5000.
I continued my Studio Lighting Tour with a video on continuous fluorescent lighting. Part 1, which contained photos, was posted last week. Part 2, posted this week, has more photos and videos for everyone!
In a VIP-only Question of the Day, I gave my VIPs tips on taking group portraits at parties.
Chick at Nite this week was a video where I answered which DSLR is best – a super-popular topic during the holiday season!
The SnapChick Friday Morning Rewind was from a shoot two years ago with Nicole Renee, a beautiful model who had a million poses ready to go! I had so many photos that I ended up breaking up the post into three parts! You can start with Part 3 here.
I posted a VLOG about one of my favorite holiday traditions and a photo of Mischief the Cat at the vet.
You can follow me on Facebook to keep up with the happenings in SnapChickLand but you can get sneak peek at what I’m working on – in the SnapChickLab, photo shoots – in the video below…

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