I’ve been a busy SnapChick in the last couple weeks…
I collaborated with Squarespace and a viewer on a very exciting project. Squarespace offers a quick and easy all-in-one solution for your online portfolio and Steve Kempfe is a photography student who wanted to create an online presence. So I did a portfolio makeover for him using Squarespace!
The Nikon D5000 has been in the lab for a couple weeks now. I’ve posted two videos on it – a Meet & Greet and a Body Tour & Menu Walkthrough Plus Info Display.

I continued my Studio Lighting Tour by doing a shoot for my video on continuous fluorescent lighting. So far, I’ve posted photos in Part 1 and Part 2, plus a few technical specifications.
Chick at Nite last week was from a video where I talked about building a Nikon DX lens system for recreational photography and Chick at Nite this week was from a super fun shoot when I was in Chicago!

I posted a bunch of photos too… Leroy the Cat’s position while I was working and my red LEGO cargo train! And it was First Sunday too. I also shared a few other photos from my trip to Northern Arizona. A few foggy Grand Canyon photos and then some more from a chilly walk in Flagstaff. I also posted a photo of the setup for my SnapChick Lens Test of DOOM and my new awesome LEGO phone case! Also, a new lens.
I posted a couple VLOGs… One where I talked to you about how I thought I broke my toe (I didn’t). Then one on Thanksgiving morning when I was cooking.
You can follow me on Facebook to keep up with the happenings in SnapChick Land but you can get sneak peek at what I’m working on in the video below, including a look at my first-ever Skype call!

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