I’ve been busy in last couple weeks…
SnapChick’s Facebook Photo Contest – Bring Your Worst has ended! I haven’t announced the winners yet, but I did post a review of one of the prizes – a RAVPower Element Series Power Bank. You can hear more about my review of the contest entries in the video below.
I took you with me on a Field Trip to Meteor Crater in Arizona!
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I worked on Capturing an Iconic Look in Photographs. I posted a sneak peek last week, and then more photos and videos this week!
Coming up with great ideas for photo shoots isn’t always easy. I shared tips for coming up with ideas in a video
VIPs got a preview of a project I’m working on but I’ll talk more about it with everyone soon!
Chick at Nite this week was all about taking photos with a point-and-shoot camera and the SnapChick Friday Morning Rewinds last week it was from a shoot called Snowy SnapChick from last year. Then, this week, the rewind was from a shoot I did in my bedroom using my guitar and my camera as props!
I posted a couple VLOGs too… one was during a day of adventuring and another was during an internet outage!
You can follow me on Facebook to keep up with the me but you can get look at what I’m working on now in the video below…

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