This week was a busy one…
SnapChick’s Facebook Photo Contest – Bring Your Worst came to a close last week. This week, winners were announced in a video!
I talked about lens quality and also vibration reduction/image stabilization in a Question of the Day video.
I went on a 2-day adventure around the Arizona/Utah border. I posted photos throughout the two days, mostly photos taken through my windshield, but then this week I posted a couple galleries of photos not taken through my car’s windshield – like this one.
Chick at Nite this week was a video where I showed you the lighting setup for my videos and the SnapChick Friday Morning Rewind was from my Valentine’s Day shoot from three years ago!
You may have seen other photos on Facebook this week, like my quiz of Gingersnap or Earth? You can find the answer here! I also posted a gallery of sunrise photos!
I shared my Monday morning with you in a VLOG, and my new sticky-note organizations strategy to help me get things done!
You can follow me on Facebook to keep up with the me but you can find out what I’m working on in the video below…

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