I recap the week and build a LEGO set, plus talk about what’s coming up next week in the video below! Scroll down to find links to all of the stuff that I talk about in the video!
Telephoto Lenses, Film Cameras & Chinese Food – SnapChick Q&A I even answer what to do when your friends invite you to parties but tell you to bring your camera!
What’s Up With 3rd Party Lenses? I share a bunch of photos for everyone and even full-size downloadable images for VIPs!
Improving Your LinkedIn Profile Pic – Preview I recently got my own LinkedIn account but I need a new profile photo! I’ll be posting a video on how to improve your LinkedIn profile pic next week.
Chick at Nite: Breaking Down Nikon and Canon Terminology I include a table in the post, demystifying the different terms for bodies and lenses!
SnapChick Friday Night Rewind: SnapChick Bikini 2013 – Part 1 Sneak Peek Should I do a SnapChick Bikini 2014??
Pic of my new sound recorder I’m always tinkering with my process for making videos!
Pic from my business meeting with Raymond Sometimes I make Raymond the Intern lie on the floor and color with me…
LEGO Star Wars battle video It’s TIE Fighter versus Millenium Falcon!
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