Let’s wrap the week up and then talk about what I’ve got in store for you next week!
The contest for Abstract April was Abstract Color Studies. This week, I announced the two winners in a video! If you want to learn more about the prizes, you can find the cool gadgets here… RAVPower Duo 7800mAh Portable Charger/LED Camping Lantern & RAVPower Luster Mini 3000mAh Portable Charger
I don’t leave my furniture anywhere for too long. This week, I Redesigned How I Work… again!
I answered a question from the VIP Mailbag about working with models. I talked about what to do before working with a model.
We all find ourselves in situations where the equipment we have with us isn’t optimal. But does that mean we can’t get good photos? I talked about Adapting To The Photography Equipment That You Have Today in a video.
The SnapChick Photography Theme for May is #EverydayMay! Watch the video to find out all about it. I’ve been posting photos every day! I plan to post at least one every day this month.
I posted a VLOG about purchasing sunglasses this week.
Chick at Nite was Setting Your Camera For The Zoo and the SnapChick Friday Night Rewind was from a shoot where I used Moody Selective Lighting.
Last, it’s First Sunday today! I’m taking photos with my Nikon 1 V1 and I’ll post some of my photos on Facebook tomorrow!
You can follow me on Facebook to keep up with the happenings in SnapChickLand! This week, I’ll be posting more Everyday May photos, I’ll be doing a photo shoot, and I’ll answer all the questions you guys asked me this week in a big Q&A video!

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