I’ve been skeptical of third party lenses in the past. When I had a chance to spend some quality time with one, though, I found that not all of my doubts were founded…
third party vid pic
I experimented with three lenses and three camera bodies – I had all the lenses on all the different bodies. Here are three of the photos from the video, along with technical specifications…

Nikon D50 + Nikkor 18-70 f/3.5-f/4.5 DX
Aperture: f/6.7
Shutter Speed: 1/60
ISO: 200
Focal Length: 52mm


Nikon D5000 + Nikkor 17-55 f/2.8 DX
Aperture: f/4
Shutter Speed: 1/2500
ISO: 200
Focal Length: 38mm


Nikon D300s + Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 for DX bodies
Aperture: f/4
Shutter Speed: 1/90
ISO: 200
Focal Length: 22mm

If you want more info on a third party lens like I used in the video, you can find an updated Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 lens for Nikon DX bodies here. I review the version without a built-in motor here. And I talk about variable aperture zoom lenses versus fixed aperture zoom lenses here!
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