What Did I Really Do This Week? – July 26, 2013

I posted a short film where I showed off how I used the Eye-Fi Mobi card while I was on a run.
VIPs, I posted a VIP Question of the Day where I talked about how art in history has influenced my photography.
I posted a 2-part video on how to photograph in low-light situations when you’re on a budget. Here is Part 1 and here is Part 2.
The SnapChick Friday Morning Rewind was from a year ago. I brought my camera into the studio as a prop!
I was busy with other things this week too, like working out at a new gym, I played around with my Nikon N65, and I ate poorly!
I also posted links to a couple articles on the photo/art market. One on the 10 most expensive photographs in history and one on how photographers/artists work the market to make sales and gain fame. I wondered what you all thought of this and I talk about it in my video recap below.
Earlier today, I had Sandra into the studio. She has been in a couple times before and she’s a lot of fun to work with. You can see one of the last times I worked with her here.
I have someone else coming into the SnapChick Studio next week! It’ll be something completely new so I’m super excited!
I also have a few other things going on… I have a Behind the Artist video planned and I’ll be posting a follow-up to my last You Are the Artist video too! I’ll also be giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Framing Sunrise, featuring SnapChick and Eye-Fi Mobi.
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And, of course, you can see me talking through this recap of the week here…

What Did I Really Do This Week? – July 19, 2013

Early in the week, I got up early to work on my project for Eye-Fi.
For VIPs, I posted a VIP Question of the Day about what NOT to do when photographing a wedding.
I posted a video about Saucy Salamander, which told you what it is and how you can participate.
One of my silly breaking-a-camera videos got some attention this week. Some of the comments were pretty funny.
The SnapChick Friday Morning Rewind this week was from a 3-year old shoot. I used natural light and a filter called “Teen Dream” to get a dreamy look.
I posted a few VLOGs this week… about my early bike ride, about mistaking 100-degree weather for running weather, and how I almost burned down my kitchen!
Next week you’ll see the last of the T4i videos, a video on low-light photography on a budget, and the finished Eye-Fi Mobi video!
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If you’d like to see the weekly recap in person, check out this video…

What Did I Really Do This Week? – July 12, 2013

The week started off with First Sunday! I went to the Phoenix Children’s Museum and checked out all the colorful and interesting sights.
I continued posting menu walkthroughs for the Canon Rebel T4i / 650D… the Playback Menu, the Set-Up Menu, and the My Menu.
To answer a question I get asked almost daily, I talked about how to learn photography in a video.
I posted a bunch of photos on Facebook this week too…

A gallery of some of the shots I took in San Diego
And also a gallery of photos I took while at the Arizona Science Center.
The SnapChick Friday Morning Rewind this week is from a pool shoot from two years ago. I love this shot!!
For next week, I’ll be continuing to work with my new toy from Eye-Fi, which I did mention to you guys last week, I’ll be doing a little more on the Canon Rebel T4i / 650D, and seeing what other kind of mischief I can get myself into!
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And check out this video version of this weekly recap, plus some video from my San Diego trip…

What Did I Really Do This Week? – July 5, 2013

I’ve been less than active in my SnapChick world this week because I’ve been in San Diego all week taking some time off! This is what I’ve managed to get done, in between beach time and fireworks…
You may remember a video I did recently about Black Soul Photo, where I talked through some of his photos. I would like to do more videos like that, so I put a question out there… If you think that your work is different from the pack and you would be okay with me doing a video about your work, please email me at secrets@snapchick.com with a link to your portfolio!
I got a notice that I’ve been called up for jury duty! I posted a video on my VLOG channel about my thoughts.

I talked to VIPs in a video about an engagement shoot I did – what I brought, how it went, why I was up so early for it!
I got one of the long-promised Canon Rebel T4i / 650D menu walkthrough videos up – for the Shooting Menu.
The SnapChick Rewind this week was from a year ago. It was from a studio shoot where I wore a white tank top against a white backdrop. The post includes a VIP-only video where I talked about how I did the high-key look with a white tank top on!
Last week, I asked you all to send me portraits of normal people doing normal things… I’ve gotten a bunch of emails from you but if you’re okay with your photo being in a future video, remember to send those photos to secrets@snapchick.com !
I did post a few photos during my trip. One of them was from the Shamu show at SeaWorld!
Next week I’ll be back to regularly-scheduled programming…
It’s First Sunday this weekend!
I’ll be showing off photos from my trip, plus some video!
I’ve got more of those Canon Rebel T4i / 650D menu videos in the pipe too.
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SnapChick Talks About A Portrait Shoot – VIPs Only

VIPs, log in to see a video where I talk about an engagement portrait shoot that I did. I talk to you before and after – about why I was up at such an early hour and what made the shoot so much fun!


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