Today I talk about my Nikon D3100 and exactly how I have configured the shooting menu and the setup menu. I spend a little more time talking about the critical features and go quickly through some of the others. You can let me know if you need me to elaborate on why I have selected some of the settings that I have. The key for me and the D3100 is having it set up for anything that comes my way! This means that there are particular situations that would require different settings – but the settings that I leave the camera on are going to “get the shot” in most circumstances

VIP’s can jump ahead to the bottom of this post – you get a longer “behind the scenes video” that includes all of the content of the main video, plus a few bonus minutes before and after where I talk about the shoot I did today (D300s) and how I very quickly change my D3100 settings in the field.

Here’s the public video (5:29 total)

VIP’s get the entire video PLUS BONUS FOOTAGE (9:05 total) 🙂


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