I can never make up my mind about photo editing. Do I go heavy on the editing or do I leave the photo clean and natural? I can make an argument for both sides. In my professional work and in my SnapChick playtime, I end up doing a lot of both! In a photo shoot today, I took three photos and ran each of the three through my three different photo editing software applications – Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Aperture. I also left one version free of edits.

Why do I use three different photo editing software applications? Well, I get antsy and want to try new things. But then each time I got a new piece of software, there was something about the old piece that I missed. So now I use all three!

Here’s the run-down of what I did today…

Image 1 Unfiltered

In Photoshop Elements, I removed the color and played with the curves until I liked the contrast. Next, I made a duplicate layer. On the top layer, I added a gaussian blur and increased the brightness. I also decreased the opacity so some of the crisp photo beneath would show through. This created a bit of a dreamy look.

In Aperture, I added a filter called “electric koolade”. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you exactly where I got the filter. It was definitely free. It made the photo look a little aged but still dreamy.

In Photoshop, I wanted to make it look less dreamy so I added an OptikVerve filter called “film noir” so the photo looks a tad gritty.

Okay, VIP’s – you get images #2 and #3, filtered variations, and my comments 🙂 Let me know what you think!


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