As always, I’ve had a busy week! Here’s the rundown…


SnapChick’s New Paper Backdrops – from Unboxing to Photos I posted my first photos with my new roll paper backdrops! This post included a video where I unboxed and set up the backdrops and talked about how I could get different looks from each one. I showed you photos of each look in the video. Plus, VIPs have an extra video where I go more in-depth about each of the setups (and a full gallery of photos of course)!


SnapChick Reviews the Grand Canyon I posted a review of the Grand Canyon, which included LOTS of pictures that I’ve amassed in my years of visiting my favorite place in the world.


Northern Arizona I went to Flagstaff, AZ last weekend and had a blast. I hiked so much and had such good food. While I was there, I filmed a question-and-answer video on Slate Mountain. This one was fun because if was about everything EXCEPT photography. I also took my First Sunday photos!


Chroma Key Backdrops – SnapChick VIP Question of the Day For VIPs, I answered a question about chroma key backdrops – what I use and what I find is more helpful than chroma key for still photography.


Life, the Universe, and the Digital Age, Part 1 I’ve been thinking a lot about the process of photography – specifically, MY process. I got pretty philosophical for this one!


Rewind This morning, I posted a rewind photo to my Facebook page. It’s from a post from 2 years ago called Double Trouble! I was experimenting with using a mirror. It makes me want to do some more reflection portraits…


On the personal front, I got my teeth cleaned, which I always love. And I lightened my hair! I’m so fickle when it comes to hair color.


Up Next You will be seeing some more photos I took while in Northern AZ last weekend. I experimented with some action shots in the woods! I gave you a sneak peek on my Facebook page earlier this week! You’ll also be seeing more of my film cameras…

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